Are you in the process of implementing a Lockdown System for your school?

If so, Integra Technology Solutions have developed a Lockdown Notification System which has been designed, largely based on feedback from schools.

One of the main challenges in an emergency situation is how to raise the alarm quickly and how to notify all teachers at once that the status should be changed to Lockdown. During this time, you would want this to be implemented within seconds rather than minutes.

What does the Lockdown Notification System do?

In short, the system is designed to quickly alert teachers (at the same time) that the status is now in Lockdown. If a member of staff determines that there is an imminent threat and the school should be in lockdown, the alarm would be raised by pressing any of the panic buttons provided. Within a matter of seconds, every area with a notification panel changes status so that the teachers know the status is now in lockdown. (Please note that the system is only a notification system. Your school must then decide what appropriate actions to take.)

How does the Lockdown Notification System alert staff?

In each designated room, there would be a panel that has a number of LED indicators. The panel also has an audible chime and the LED’s change in colour when a lockdown is put in place. When the status is deemed to be okay, an authorised person will enter a pin code on the PC running LD Lite and change the status back to Ok. One of the key features of the system is the audio alert which is a chime rather than a bell, so as to not scare the children and cause unnecessary stress or panic. It is also clearly distinct compared to Fire Alarm or Class Change bell systems.

From the alarm being set, the notification to ALL classrooms happens within a matter of seconds. The system utilises your existing Local Area Network (LAN) and the alarm can be raised from any area of the school where panels are fitted.
Next Step

If you would like to see a working demonstration model of the system, please call 02476 711808 or email to book an appointment.