Paxton Access Control from Integra Technology Solutions

Entering and leaving a building, whether a school, hospital, airport, bank or office block, was something staff and visitors did without a second thought. It was access based on good faith and trust.

However in today’s environment things have changed and we are seeing an ever changing situation where access is controlled by some form of electronic measure.

The solution is to install an effective and simple to use access control system. To ensure that the access system is tailored to your needs, we can offer a wide range of technologies from Network based Access Controlled systems to single door video or audio door entry systems. Regardless of size we can provide a solution to your access control problems. Our systems can also cater for Photo ID Card Printing, Visitor Administration, Cashless Credit & Debit and Roll/Call & Attendance Reporting.

Access control systems have been around for some time, but the technology has advanced significantly in these years. Here at Integra we work with industry leading manufacturers such as Paxton and ACT to provide our customers with a robust, cost effective solution that is reliable and sinple to use. The Paxton range can provide simple one door solutions to multi door multi site solutions that enable your staff to use the same proximity to gain access to various sites within your business, subject to them having authorised access rights.

We are an NSI gold approved installer, meaning you can be assured of the very highest standards and professionalism.